More sun for the afternoon. Never change your clock again.

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15 States are already on-board.

The bipartisan Sunshine Protection Act fixes it.

The SENATE Just passed it!

Take 3 mins to ask your representative to act!

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What does this form do?

  1. Enter your full address to find your representatives in congress.
  2. Determines other items needed for their specific contact form. (What topic varies by person)
  3. Let’s you customize a letter asking them to support summer time all year. If you rep already supports the bill we give you a thank you letter to send them.
  4. Send the letter - and then please share!


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  • I will never ask for money, sell your information, or sign you up for other mailing lists.
  • I will delete your information if the campaign stops or within 1 year of a successful switch. I will inform you when your info will be deleted with one “Thank you” message if successful.