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Please don’t blame the farmers! They had nothing to do with making the clocks change. Do farm animals care what time it is? Read more from the Farm Bureau.

kids going to school in the dark?

The #LockTheClock campaign has a good page that covers the safety aspect

energy use?

It has been shown to not save energy and possibly use more.

our health?

Changing the clocks is bad for our health:

  • Higher risk of heart attack, strokes, and other health issues
  • Major mental health
  • More accidents and it has not saved any energy in decades.

“standard” time?

It’s no longer really standard as we are on DST for longer then standard time. Regardless, states are currently allowed to switch to Standard time all year long. They can’t choose to be on summer time/permanent DST unless congress acts!

the specific bill(s)

It’s called the Sunshine Protection Act and it has been introduced in both the house and senate.

The house version was introduced by Rep. Buchanan, Vern and currently has 20 co-sponsors (14 R, 6 D).

The senate version was introduced by Sen. Rubio, Marco and currently has 14 co-sponsors (8 R, 6 D) and passed the Senate!.

You can also learn more from this PDF summary or Wikipedia.

#LockTheClock campaign

Check out the https://www.sco.tt/time/ for lots of detailed reasons and research why we should #LockTheClock.

Help out!

Spread the word!

Get organization’s to endorse

Please get in touch, ideally via Github with a logo we can use, a link to a page detailing why your company is supporting this. If there is lots of interest, we will make a more defined template.

fix some text?

Everything you see is editable on Github. The biggest thing you could do right now is share it though!

You can also send me a message at summertime AT BryanQuigley.com.

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